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48 unit display | Filter-it


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Assortment of designs, colors, diameter (5/9 mm) and length 50/75 mm.

Made with lead-free colors suitable for food use.


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Use them instead of the classic card and you will have a multitude of benefits:

keep your smoking experience fresh, ceramics cool faster than paper.
They preserve the taste of what you smoke to the end, no more strange flavors after the first pitches!
They filter more than the paper, the combustion material thanks to condensation, sticks to the filter and relieves you of some of the dangerous leftovers, just smell of nicotine and yellow spots on the hands.
They are beautiful, you can choose your style from dozens of colors and designs. Comes in a shockproof capsule and a bottle brush to keep it clean and shiny.

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Dimensions 18 × 15 × 30 cm