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Ceramics and clay, materials that have been used since ancient times for a multitude of purposes, and in various cultures around the world to create smoking instruments.
Our team has decided to rediscover an ancient smoking technique, combining it today with its know-how acquired in 30 years of chilum production.
Here is how Filter-it is born and then Kaio Creations


Filter-it 100% made in Italy

Filter-it is a handmade, ecological and completely handmade product. For these qualities it has earned the prize of best Italian product!



After each use:

You can clean your Filter’-it with the supplied instrument, just pass it through the filter several times and it will be ready to be reused;
You can alternatively use any type of paper: napkin, toilet paper, roll paper, etc., just cut a thread, twist it and pass it through the filter as a pipe cleaner.

For deep cleaning you have 2 different solutions:

Mix a little water and milk (50/50), insert the filter and place it on a fire source. Boil for 10/15 minutes, then rinse well with water, leave to dry for a few minutes and it will be ready as new!
Deeply immerse the pure alchool filter for 5/10 minutes, then rinse it VERY well with water, let it dry for a few minutes and it will be ready as new!

  • It’s ecological, you can use it again and again, forgetting pieces of paper and cardboard that you may need!
    Save the taste of what you smoke, no longer bleach or paper taste!
    Keep your smoking experience fresh, the ceramic cools your smoke faster than paper.
    Filter more than paper, the combustion material sticks to the ceramic filter and the length of some of the hazardous residues.
    It’s beautiful! You can choose your style from hundreds of colors and designs.
    Comes in a shockproof capsule, with instructions and a tube cleaner to keep it clean and shiny

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